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$4, 000 Donated Towards Convent Renovations & New Ushers’ Blazers

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The renovation of the chapel in the St. Barbara Convent was just the beginning of a multistage overhaul to bring the building up to code and ultimately create a great space for our St. Barbara family to pray and for our growing service organizations to meet and organize our next big event.

In support of the project, the St. Barbara Holy Name members voted at our last monthly meeting that $3,000 raised from the St. Barbara Auto Show go directly toward funding the renovations. Fr. Arthur is looking into grants that would help fund a majority of the project.

The Holy Name members also voted at their last meeting to donate $1,000 to the Ushers Ministry for their Coordinator Ed Glos  to purchase several new blazers.

Thank you to all of our supporters and members for your hard work! It is your efforts that make donations like this possible!

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